About DSL Patents

aboutThe founder and principal professional at DSL Patents is Dennis S.K. Leung. Dennis has been a Canadian and US patent agent for over 15 years, with experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in high-tech (telecommunications, optical communications, electronics, semiconductors, digital signal processing, computer vision, passive and active remote sensing, magnetic, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID and presence-based devices, computer networking, wireless devices, routers and base stations, antenna systems, telephonic devices and systems, navigation systems, medical devices, software, e-commerce applications and diagnostic applications) and mechanical (aeronautical, avionics, automotive devices and assemblies, building structures, oil separation systems, agricultural, sports and recreation devices, fire safety and oil rig equipment and materials and personal apparel) technologies.

With post-graduate degrees in electrical engineering (communications) and law, Dennis has extensive experience in engineering and legal environments, with expertise in IP litigation, licensing and reverse engineering. He appeared as counsel in the leading case before the Supreme Court of Canada on patent claim construction, wrote the Canadian chapter on the leading text on global patent claim construction and has taught and lectured extensively on the topic. This enables Dennis to craft broad and valid patents and prosecute them before the Canadian, US and international patent offices to provide enduring economic value for his clients’ intellectual property. Dennis has taught patent drafting, prosecution and patent infringement and validity to many of the current patent agents in Canada.

Because DSL Patents operates primarily in an online environment, we can compete with large IP boutiques in a flexible and responsive manner. DSL Patents markets primarily to innovative entrepreneurs and SMEs, providing them with a flexible and responsive service offering that allows them to compete effectively with larger companies who rely on extensive in-house patent departments or expensive patent boutiques and law firms.