Patent Drafting

By far the most valuable service we can provide to you is in preparing a well-organized, easily digestible and complete patent application, suitable for filing by any agreed-upon deadline.  Our professionals have years of experience in drafting patent applications, in a wide variety of technologies, including particularly in the electrical, communications, computer hardware and software, optical and robotics space, but also in the mechanical (including automotive and aeronautic) and civil engineering (including building technologies), resource (mining, oil and gas and forestry) and agricultural and green technology spaces.

Not only are we experienced patent agents, but we have extensive experience in patent licensing and litigation, that we bring to bear to maximize the likelihood that your invention will be covered by a high-value and valid patent.  Our CEO was counsel to the Supreme Court of Canada in the leading case in Canada on patent claim construction, wrote the leading text on claim construction in Canada and has taught on patent issues for several years in law schools and to most of the current crop of patent agents and trainees in Canada.