Patent Prosecution

Our professionals are experienced in stickhandling around an Examiner’s objections and rejections, especially in the high technology space, where there have been many roadblocks set up by the courts and patent offices of various jurisdictions. Our extensive litigation experience means that we have studied and understood the leading cases and know how to distinguish the findings made and can suggest alternative interpretations and creative ways to get around the rejections.

While we are very familiar with US case law and patent principles as well (and are licensed U.S. patent agents) as a matter of corporate policy, we do not deal directly with the USPTO, but retain US patent attorneys for this purpose.  In our view, just as you recognize the limitations of your expertise and retain us for our expertise, we recognize that familiarity with US practice does not equate to expertise and believe that our clients are best served by retaining expert US patent attorneys. Our vast experience in the patent arena, however, means that we have extensive networks of foreign (not just US) associates and can recommend and retain a foreign associate who believes, as do we, in excellent work and client service, with an eye to the client’s bottom line. Finally, our involvement does not end with our referral of a matter to a foreign associate. Rest assured that we will remain involved, both in overseeing and reviewing the work of the foreign associate on your behalf, but also acting as your representative and advocate, and to make sure that you understand the ramifications of what the foreign associate is proposing and recommending.