Our Proprietary Ethical Rules

DSL Patents Inc.’s Proprietary Ethical RulesEthical Rules


DSL Patents Inc. isn’t a law firm, so legal conflict of interest and ethical rules don’t apply.

We have, instead,  established DSL Patents’ own proprietary set of ethical rules.  They apply whether you  our your client retains us to do work.  We have bolded the (portions) of rules that apply where you retained us for your clients:


Ethical Rule 1: Type of work DSL Patents accepts

  1. As a general rule, we consider ourselves otherwise free to accept patent work relating to any client or subject matter.
  2. In appropriate cases, and upon request, we respect and observe your business conflicts and/or those of your client.
  3. We will not solicit, nor accept work directly from your client while we represent you with the client.  We won’t disclose to your client information you provide to us unless expressly authorized or instructed to do so.


Ethical Rule 2: How DSL Patents handles Confidential Information

  1. We will keep confidential any confidential information you (and/or your client) give(s) us during our work with you, and keep it secret, even after we stop working with you.  This includes the fact, if confidential, that we are working with you (and/or your client).  Information that becomes publicly known, without any improper action by us, is not confidential information.
  2. We may need to disclose your (or your client’s) confidential information, e.g.  because of a court order.  We will first discuss your (or your client’s) options to have minimal impact while obeying.  You implicitly consent to our use of confidential information  in any dispute about our work with you (or your client).
  3. We won’t comment on a patent (application) we prepared in any office communication  about your (or your client’s) application.  Rather, we will discuss your (or your client’s) options in response, including using another agent.


Ethical Rule 3: Who DSL Patents acts for

  1. Unless we agree otherwise, our contract is with you only. Even if we get instructions/payment from a third party, our contract is still with you. We have no contractual or ethical obligations to the third party except as set out here.



  1. Other  issues  may come up, like where you ask us to represent more than one client in a case.  When they do, we will discuss them with you and set up rules to follow in such cases.


For further information

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